Fairview Heights Elementary (Main Building)

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Walker, Sara Principal (902)457-8953 ext. 1001 swalker@hrsb.ca
Barro, Terry Vice Principal (902)457-8953 ext. 1002 tbarro@hrsb.ca
Cunningham, Carly Secretary (902) 457-8953 ext. 0 carly.cunningham@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abreu, Christine 60% Grade 2 ext. 1206 christine.abreu@hrsb.ca
Allison, Gidgit 60% Reading Recovery-40% Resource 3-6 ext. 4351106 GALLISON@HRSB.CA
Bernon, Sue Ann 80% Core French Teacher on Maternity Leave SBERNON@HRSB.CA
Bradbury, Liane Primary/One ext. 1203 LBRADBURY@HRSB.CA
Burlock, Celine 100% Physical Education CBURLOCK@HRSB.CA
Cleveland, Jennifer Music/Grade Six Band ext. 4351106 jennifer.cleveland@hrsb.ca
Compton, Christine 40% Early Literacy Support ccompton@hrsb.ca
Crowe, Jana-On Defered until Feb 1, 2018 60% Early Literacy Support and 40% Grade Two ext. 4351206 JCROWE@HRSB.CA
Dalton, Sarah 100% English as an Additional Language ext. 4351006 Sarah.dalton@hrsb.ca
Halley, Marie Grade Six ext. 4351109 MHALLEY@HRSB.CA
Heisler, Chris 90% Grade Four ext. 4351109 CHeisler@hrsb.ca Website
Joyce, Brian Violin Teacher bjoyce@hrsb.ca
LeBlanc, Janis 60% Grade Four ext. 4351105 LEBLANCJ@HRSB.CA
Levangie , Darlene 60% Grade Three/Four ext. 4351103 DLEVANGIE@HRSB.CA
MacDonald, Laura Grade Primary/One ext. 4351205 laura.macdonald@hrsb.ca
MacEachern, Amanda Grade One/Two ext. 4351201 AMACEACHERN@HRSB.CA
MacKenzie, Sherri Grade Five/Six ext. 435 1108 SMACKENZIE@HRSB.CA
MaNeil, Ferne 100% Resource ext. 4351111 FMCNEIL@HRSB.CA
Mroz, David Grade Four/Five ext. 4351112 DMROZ@HRSB.CA
Mroz, Kate Grade Primary ext. 4351204 KMROZ@HRSB.CA
Rolfe, Chris Grade Two ext. 4351102 CROLFE@HRSB.CA
Smith, Evelyn 40% Grade Four ext. 4351105 esmith@hrsb.ca
Smith, Margaret 40% Grade Three/Four ext. 4351103 smith.margaret@hrsb.ca
Snook, Katherine 100% Learning Center ext. 4351208 KATHERINE.SNOOK@HRSB.CA
Sperry, Eleanor Grade Three ext. 4351104 ESPERRY@HRSB.CA
Thomas, Sandra Grade One ext. 4351202 THOMASS@HRSB.CA
Tolliver, Cheyanne Grade Five/Six ext. 4351107 cgorman-tolliver@hrsb.ca
Valerie, Pike 60% ELS 40% Grade Two ext. 4351206 valerie.pike@hrsb.ca
Willett, Cate 100% English as an Additional Language ext. 4351006 CWILLETT@HRSB.CA Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Al-sayed, Nadin YMCA Immigrant Support ext. 1006
Barr, Andrew Custodian ext. 1007
D'Angelo-Vibert, Sonia Guidance ext. 4351106 sonia.dangelovibert@hrsb.ca
Forhan, Erica 80% Educational Program Assistant
Gillis, Karen 100% Educational Program Assistant
Grant-Robertson, Susan School Social Worker
MacIntosh, Scott Caretaker ext. 1007
MacIntyre, Joan School Psychologist
MacIsaac, Sheri 80% Educational Program Assistant
Morash, Janet 50% Educational Program Assistant
Naitelcaid, Redouane 80% Educational Program Assistant
Nelson, Suzanne 40% Library Technician ext. 4351006
Oliver, Wendy School Speech Language Pathologist
Tibbo, Kirsti 80% Educational Program Assistant
Yeadon, Sarah 80% Educational Program Assistant